Cloud computing with continuous growth is arsing with a number of cloud computing trends. It has become an integral part of the internet ecosystem. Cloud Computing is the digital version of warehousing. Since, it is adapted and adopted to reduce the infrastructure costs. In this article, we will discuss the journey of cloud computing and the latest cloud computing trends.

Latest Trends In Cloud Computing

Massive Growth

With the development of new services in PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS and the evolution of new services such as FaaS ( Function as a Service) and BaaS(Backend as a Service). Moreover, when the related industry that shows a definite slowdown, the future trend in cloud computing is definitely towards growth

Increase in Storage Capacity

The other aspect of the growth-related cloud computing trends is the increase in storage capacity. Certainly, we expect this to become one of the Cloud Computing Trends and as the capacity is set to double to an approximate 1.1 ZB Zettabyte. Regular people are boosting these numbers thanks to their increased sharing of personal information online through services such as DropBox and Google Drive.

Cheaper Storage Solutions

As a matter of fact, cloud computing is going through several changes. Cheaper prices and Massive Growth are the two main Cloud Computing Trends. Basically, when demand increases, the price also increases, but there is so much competition in the market today it seems that the prices are continuing to fall.


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